Glad you asked!

I’m Manasi

Hey there, I love making digital experiences that people enjoy and remember. My journey in design has been like this exciting mix of human behaviour and tech. It's all about blending creativity with practicality, and I'm totally into it! If you want to chat about UX/UI design or share your experiences, I'm all ears. 😊

When I'm not buried in design stuff, you'll catch me taking lazy walks, doing some artsy stuff like painting and sketching, or just zoning out with a good book. I'm all about those chill moments, whether it's watching epic sunsets or just staring at the clouds. And hey, I'm not half-bad in the kitchen—I can whip up some tasty grub too! 😄 How 'bout you? Got any cool hobbies or things you're into outside of work?

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